Tiny Taught is a venture by G&A Multimedia(P) Ltd which has been in the multimedia industry for the last 15 years. Prior to that,we existed as Multi Media Workshop for nearly a decade.

Our main ventures related to multimedia so far

  • Working on kindergarten apps in English, Malayalam & other preschool apps for Kerala & the Middle East markets.
  • First to introduce Video Walls in India at the Cochin International airport. (networked 10 ft wide screens)
  • First to do digital non-linear video editing in this country
  • Interactive digital directory for Kerala Tourism, Kerala Travel Mart, major resorts & tour operators, spice exporters, etc. ( during the early 90’s)
  • Stereoscopic video production , 3D simulators , touch screen kiosks etc. for Exhibition Design, way back in 1990.

Our Latest Venture

‘TinyTaught ‘ apps are a set of 11 preschool educational games designed and created by our team of multimedia designers, preschool teachers, child psychologists, graphic designers and children themselves. It familiarizes the child with symbols that we call ‘ Letters’ and ‘Numbers’.To a child, the letters are just strange symbols with strange sounds. Our Apps familiarize kids with those Strange Symbols & the Sounds associated with each. The letters themselves are animated and other distractions like props are avoided. The result is a highly effective and engaging set of app that use over 200 pictures and videos that respond to touch and provide unassisted learning for children at each child’s pace.This is contrary to the traditional teaching methods where children are herded into classrooms where each child’s pace of learning is different. For many children this is a bad start and the child struggles to catch up through out its learning years.

Our apps are available for download on Play Store as Tiny Taught apps.

Download App

Since a tablet is the best learning format that preschool kids ever had, we also promote tablets preloaded with our applications to kindergartens and through online portals like Amazon , Ebay and Snapdeal.


Tablets allow & enable

  • Children to learn on their own , powered by their own curiosity.
  • The buildup of confidence in themselves through self learning
  • Individual pace of learning and not follow a common pace set by teachers
  • The learning of right pronunciation of common English words
  • A familiarity with technology

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Contact: +9194470 84986

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