Tiny Taught is a venture by G&A Multimedia(P) Ltd which has been in the multimedia industry for the last 15 years & was founded by an alumnus of IDC, IIT Mumbai & an MBA graduate. G&A was the first to introduce networked Video Walls at airports & malls in India & UAE (10ft wide screens), first to set up a non-linear video editing in this country(1993), set up interactive digital directory for Kerala Tourism on touch screen kiosks & DVDs for Kerala’s tourism industry & spice exporters, etc. ( early 90’s), create stereoscopic videos, 3D simulations, exhibition design, etc.

Under the name Tiny Taught we are currently working on kindergarten apps in English, Malayalam & other preschool apps for distribution by local MLAs in Kerala to pre-primary schools.

TinyTaught  has a set of 11 preschool educational games ( Android Apps ) currently. They familiarize children with those ‘strange symbols’ that we adults call ‘Letters’ and ‘Numbers’. They are designed to be unassisted exploratory games that exploit the curiosity of children to subconsciously familiarize them with the letters, numbers & the sounds / concepts associated with each as they enjoy the game. The result is a highly effective and engaging set of apps that use over 200 pictures and 50 odd videos that respond to touch and provide unassisted learning for children at each child’s pace, contrary to the traditional teaching methods where children are herded into classrooms & taught at a common pace.KG is a child’s first experience in the world of education. Boredom due to a slow teaching pace in class, or a struggle for slow learners to catch up with the rest of the class and other traumatic experiences affects the child’s attitude towards learning. This creates an aversion to learning all through school & even college years. Our apps are designed specifically to get children to teach themselves rather than be spoon fed or learn by rote.

To sum up, our apps allow & enable

  • Children to learn on their own , powered by their own curiosity.
  • The buildup of confidence in themselves through self learning
  • Individual pace of learning and not follow a common pace set by teachers
  • The learning of right pronunciation of common English & vernacular words
  • A familiarity with self learning using interactive technology readying them for MOOC

Watch a video of an App that present the content with reduced clutter

Our apps are available for download on Google Play ( click below)  as Tiny Taught apps. Click link below :

We also sell tablets pre-loaded with our applications to kindergartens and through online portals like Flipkart , E bay and Snap Deal.



contact : Meena Benjamin +9194470 84986