Educational Games for Play school & KG kids

Games to get tiny tots taught!

TinyTaught  has created 11 preschool games designed to exploit the curiosity of children & subconsciously familiarize them with the English or Malayalam letters. Games that expose them to the concept of quantifying with Numbers also included.

The result is a highly effective & engaging set of games using over 200 hand drawn pictures & the words for each. Over 50 odd videos that respond to touch further add to provide unassisted learning for children at each child’s pace.  The set covers the syllabus most schools look for in tiny tots.

Our games are designed specifically to get children to teach themselves rather than be spoon fed or learn by rote.

Check out FREE offer of games that cost Rs.250 each. Download into mobiles / tabs

To sum up, our games allow & enable

  • Children to learn on their own , powered by their own curiosity.
  • The buildup of confidence in themselves through self learning
  • Individual pace of learning and not follow a common pace set by teachers
  • The learning of right pronunciation of common English & vernacular words
  • A familiarity with self learning using interactive technology readying them for MOOC (massive online open courses)

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Our apps are available FREE for download on Google Play till 31 Nov 2017. Click link below :

Tiny Taught is a venture by G&A Multimedia(P) Ltd which has been in the multimedia industry for the last 15 years & was founded by an alumnus of IDC, IIT Mumbai (1982) & a Calicut Uni MBA graduate (1987).

G&A was the first to introduce networked Video Walls at airports & malls in India & UAE (10ft wide screens), first to set up a non-linear video editing in this country(1993), set up interactive digital directory for Kerala Tourism on touch screen kiosks & DVDs for Kerala’s tourism industry & spice exporters, etc. ( early 90’s), create stereoscopic videos, 3D simulations, exhibition design, etc.

contact : 

Meena Benjamin

+9194470 84986 ( whatsapp)

[email protected]